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I homeschool and have used the Houghton Mifflin series that includes carousels, adventures, discoveries, caravans, etc. with my children from grade 3 up. I recently came into 3 books: weavers, secrets, and streamers, which are from the same publisher but from a different series. I am trying to find teacher manuals and workbooks for these. I pick the others up on Amazon or garage sales whenever I can, because I think they are still better than current material. Do you know of anywhere-aside from Amazon and Ebay-where I might be able to find related material? I hate to abandon the series because I can't find workbooks! I have often wondered if anyone else remembered these. I'm sure we use them partially because I have such memories of them from my school days. Thanks for any help you might have on this subject.
Stephanie, I'm sorry to say that I don't have any insight on finding workbooks. The extent of my expertise is that I tracked down the books I used in school via eBay, Amazon, and ABEbooks - plus a couple of lucky yard sale finds.
I loved reading "Images" in fourth grade, where we also acted out a production of "The Book That Saved the Earth" in class. I played Apprentice Noodle, and won a book award for being "Most Martianlike." We also read another book in this series, which I believe contained a selection from "Tom Sawyer," a futuristic story that included a moving sidewalk, and a first-person story about a kid who got to know a strange kid who said he was from Paris, and who spoke a bit of French. Could you tell me which book those stories were from?
My school had these books and I have been obtaining them online I have Honeycomb, Cloverleaf, Secrets, Rewards, Panorama, Fiesta, Kaleidoscope, Images, Galaxies, and Serendipity. (Those are the ones I most recall my school having) I remember one textbook that had a story about a deep sea diver and a grouper, The "Who's On First" skit from Abbott & Costello, a story about a coyote named Tako, one about a mole and a fox called "Gold Is Where You Find It." (from Julia Cunningham's "Maybe, a Mole"), and one about a heroic seagull named Nancy. I also seem to remember excerpts from Doris Gates' classic "Blue Willow" and Sheila Burnford's "The Incredible Journey". Were these stories in a different edition of one of the above textbooks? Thanks for any help. :) (PS: I also remember "The Book That Saved the Earth" under the title "Martians In The Library", with different illustrations.)
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